All organizations are on the verge of a monumental cultural shift after long-standing digital transformation efforts.

The next-gen that grew up with 24/7 Internet access has been getting into businesses. It’s now mandatory to think and act outside of the box to touch this “always-on” generation.

Digital games and XR technologies offer extraordinary ways to improve the employee life cycle. Starting from recruitment to motivation, from boarding to performance improvement, games are perfect to improve digital dexterity of your workforce and increase your employer brand attraction.

We are here to hack your business culture! Check out our solutions below!



Talent & internship programs that include gamified experiences attracts new generation more.
Are you looking for games to enhance your evaluation processes?
Meet with our recruitment game: Guide Me!
See how your candidates communicate with their teammates in stressful situaitons.
Guide Me helps you with supplementary outputs for your assessment decisions.

Click on the image to read our "Group Interview with a VR Game" case with Anadolu Efes.


Remote working is the new normal. So why shouldn't remote onboarding be the same?
Explore our remote onboarding, change boarding, and offboarding solutions for your employees.



AR/VR contents are increasingly being used for corporate learning. Besides offering huge investment savings, employees trained by VR/AR applications have 3x higher performance than regularly trained colleagues.
Experience our solutions for upskilling and reskilling your employees remotely.


New generation is born into a world full of gaming and 90% of them are gaming enthusiasts. They are becoming your employees now.
Organize in-house esports events and attend intercompany esports competitions to show your interest and understanding of new generation's anticipation of a great work environment.

Games were and always will be here for social engagement and emotional learning.
Engage your employees with gaming! Subscribe to our Engagement Games platform to spend good time and have in-house engagement events while gettings social metrics of your team!